The fucked up thing about the USA, is that they have a history of not informing anyone that they’re free. "America is in the business of selling you dreams and then waking you up right before the good part."  (But again, I repeat myself.)

They’ll kill again.

“I would rather be governed by the first 2000 people in the phone book than the entire faculty of Harvard.”  -- William F. Buckley Jr. Hospitals and universities are funded by the NIH.  They’d rather watch the planet burn , than lose funding or admit to ever making a callous, calculated “mistake.” Watching the coverage on Ivory Becker’s experiences with her local Fox affiliate. Here’s what comes to mind: Abstract Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), an antimalarial agent used to treat patients with autoimmune diseases, has been shown to suppress human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) replication in vitro in T cells and monocytes by inhibiting post-transcriptional modification of the virus. These in vitro observations have been expanded into an in vivo study of HCQ as a potential anti—HIV-1 agent in HIV-1—infected patients. A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial was conducted in 40 asymptomatic HIV-1—infected patients who had CD4+ counts between 200 and 500 cells/mm3.

Yes sir, massa

And next, I will read Uncle Toms Cabin. Obama’s canvassers, in 2008, informed me that Uncle Tom was a self hating homosexual who said “no thanks, I’m voting for Hillary Clinton.” There’s your fucking history lesson pendejos. Welcome to ze future. You will own nothing. Ze Bugs will eat you. You will die over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again begging for a glass of water from stupid meat puppets with badges who casually step over your body.

Memory and Rage

"And Hell is exactly what has gotten into me, and what gets into anyone in exile who has the temerity to remember Zion, to choose no matter the cost not to forget. To remember Zion is to be enraged at all that is not Zion. To be enraged is to burn with the very fires of Hell." Your “water mark” isn’t when the lightbearers arrive. They should have been here the entire time. A true sign of the end times is when they all disappear . Reporters aren’t here to judge anyone for being bad or good, they’re here to figure out what the fuck went wrong this time. Your “leaders” can be divided into two categories: “This world belongs to me” and “I belong to this world.” My creator will not accept a counterfeit copy of me, no matter how authentic it seems to be. “Remember, LORD, the people of Edom, against the day of Jerusalem's fall; when they cried, “Burn it! 
This is getting fucking annoying. I’ve been snatched twice in Mexico this year, and just like this last incident with the so called “Mormon” this asshole Nicholas who calls himself Alex called his “cousin” in the Mexicali police.  (The other asshole was going to “call his cousin” too.) I’m pretty sure he put fentanyl or something, god knows what, in my soda. I fucking hate fentanyl. It’s been a trip, I vaguely remember asking him if “it’s Britney, bitch” and he was like “Yeah, Britney is a bitch.” I gasped and said without Britney, there’s no you and me. I don’t know what his deal is, but he passed out and was snoring and I watched someone take full control/focus of his laptop, open and close some apps including Telegram. Simultaneously, all these rooms went red like so: He was zoned out tapping some stupid Pokémon game like 1000 times a second, idfk, almost like he was under hypnosis himself. I tried calling green berets, 911, etc, and the fucking dispatchers act like the bitch maid o

Things that glow in the dark.

Luc Montagnier is very close to the truth here: > In April last year, when little was known about the novel coronavirus, Montagnier had claimed in an interview to a French news channel that the “presence of elements of HIV in the genome of the coronavirus and even elements of the ‘germ of malaria’ are highly suspect”, alleging that this was the result of trying to formulate a vaccine against AIDS. It's possible that covid wasn't intended to be a "bioweapon" after all. I don't agree with him that it's an HIV vaccine attempt. The NIH doesn't make vaccines, and if they did, there would be no need for them to conduct their work in secrecy or move it around to perform it in other countries where their activities are banned by the United States. They do immunology research and they perform clinical trials. I am speculating that it's one of the NIH's efforts at producing a "reporter" virus , which uses inserts from HIV and a specific strain


HIV-Luc (“luciferase”) is a bioluminescent biomarker that’s supposed to tag the “latent HIV reservoir “ to see whether a treatment or cure is effective. That has NIH/NIAID written all over it. Maybe China and the US are both telling the truth when they point their fingers at each other. Perhaps they made it together and are covering it up together. Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier , (credited with discovering HIV), says that the “coronavirus” expresses a specific strain of bioluminescent malaria and , also, HIV. He says it was a failed attempt at a cure. I disagree, I think it was a strain of HIV tagged with bioluminescent markers from a deadly strain of malaria — remember everyone saying HCQ works on it ? — to identify latent reservoirs and that they fucked that up. This is where I digress from Trump to put it mildly .

They’re still acting like they didn’t know?


Kicking it

“Some people will just put anything out there no matter how crazy it is.” I snickered and raised my hand and whispered “guilty!” He’s nice, he’s cute, he’s sweet. He’s 25. He hates “feminism” but thinks Kamala Harris was a good VP selection “because she’s a woman.” He thinks that the Black community should be happy with her because she has a “background in, what do you call it?” “Attorney General? District attorney?” “Prosecution.” Fine. Also (maybe?) a correct answer. Who is Kamal(a) anyway. I demurred and said I don’t know about that. The guy who wrote the 1994 “crime bill” and VAWA, paired with an AG who wanted keep people on the razor wire reservation for as long as humanely possible because without prison labor California will have to pay a fair wage to stamp their license plates? I assume Black people know this? VAWA is bullshit, George Zelichowski weaponized that to get even with me and get me thrown in jail for turning down his “marriage proposal.”  That in and of itself is dom

Girl when I said shit like this in 4th grade

… I was expelled for a month. … now it’s part of the curriculum

If you think your job sucks ...

... imagine being a prostitute and doing an outcall for Ted Turner. ... and just when he gets close, ... he makes you play the song :

Fact Check:

According to , Bill Barr’s dad only depicted acts of sexual slavery and rape towards women who were old enough to consent to being raped. His violent subject material was inclusive enough to depict vigilante justice! And it wasn’t an all girls school, it was co-ed! Whats false: doesn’t employ “a prostitute.”  What’s true: Every single one of their employees are prostitutes.


There was a time when it seemed like we all agreed we’d do it all over again if it even helped one person. Inevitably, this leads to “would you do it all over again even if you weren’t sure that it helped anyone at all?” Get along with each other.  Or don’t. Leave me out of it.

Oh no! Anyway.



I’ve been hearing people say I had a “troubled past” and a chaotic life , long before I even got into my position on the starting line or had the faintest fucking clue about what problems, stressors and setbacks even were. I’ve had my entire life to process and react to any of that. To decide whether to forgive or hold on. To figure out whether I would “try again,” “try anyway,” or give up or not. I’ve had my share of trials and tribulations and then some. I was lucky enough to be born on this side of the bombs. And some people have real problems. I always said these queens who talk shit about me are going to lose their fucking minds the first time it ever rains in their privileged, shinypretty, stupid fucking lives.  Wait for it, you’ll go through a divorce or a foreclosure or get your heart put in a blender someday. Let’s see how you do. It’s been a fucked up year or two or five for everyone now. Do we still have a few holdouts taking 100 beach selfies for Instagram and pretending

Never Forget


“Mommy, why are the UFO’s crashing?”

Because they gave the contract to Tesla and they were in AutoPilot mode, sweetie! I thought “UFO disclosure” was code for a disclosure of something so terrible my government has done, that it was shorthand for “United States is Fucking Over.” But you call me crazy and probably literally believe in greys, you nut job conspiracy theorist. /s We’ve already had coal-powered vehicles for the last 208 years. But, nooooo, coal powered cars are the future of green energy and we must invest trillions of dollars and get rid of relatively cleaner CNG, NG, and gasoline powered vehicles. And here I thought the yee-haws and the hee-haws were the only ones out there “rolling coal” on the interstate.

I never really know where I’m going with any of this either

Just to get ahead of the rumor and bitch mill, here you go: I pitched a certain “idea” a couple years ago, and a few of us tried it. I have opinions about everyone and everything, and I have already said way too much. No matter what I think … or who or what I’m pissed off at …  It has always comes back to, “greet and welcome and encourage people, give the group a place to carry its message.” And you haven’t run me off yet . I decided to close “my” room and get on with my life last year, but with a plot twist: Hell froze over, the two sites merged, and I said “lots of luck with that.” Thank the people who are still carrying the torch, not me. Things have changed, now there are 1000 groups a *day* trying to do the same thing, but with video chat etc. I’m burned the fuck out, I threw a quarter of my life at that, and we are using a rapidly declining medium. I was asked if we could or should try merging the two concepts and maybe kind of model it a little more after that group on Reddit th

January 6 Commission? I can save you some time and money.

January 6th was organized by Karl Rove’s dear friend and new right darling Ali Alexander and three US congressmen under the auspices of the “stop the steal” movement. The site known as “” banned me in about 30 seconds flat for saying umm, hey guys, Scott Pressler seems okay but I don’t know about this Ali guy. Want to take any guesses at who ran that place?  I’m going to re-iterate, stay away from America First and the so called “new right.” Qanon is fake and homosexual, but that crowd will be the scapegoat left holding the bag for any extremism. So let me get this right, we’re hunting for MAGA grandmas and tacking them on most wanted posters but not arresting these three congressmen? Fuck America. Who are we not allowed to question or criticize? I don’t have an opinion about the election or the audit, two meme candidates and (as in 2016) we deserved better than either of them. I think it’s 99% grift, too many people who already have all the power and money in the world

Light switch Logic: 101

It starts with “if you’re not with Hillary, you’re a self hating homo!” Then it’s “if you support ______, go fuck yourself and unfriend me now!” “If you _______, you’re a nazi!” “If you DON’T ______ you’re a nazi!” And now they’re (allegedly) beating Jews on the street. Alrighty then. *head scratch* I’ve always been for black people and gay/trans rights. But it’s interesting watching the goalposts move now. I’m assuming everything I see anymore is recycled footage, lies, and propaganda. I’d pay more attention to the news if they’d stop lying, and lying, and lying, and lying, and lying, and lying about everything. I don’t have any insight about who is using the Bolshevik tactics this time .  I guess they work. I know my history and I’m aware of who used them historically . That doesn’t mean anything, other than someone else knows their history and is using them again. And who gets left holding the bag in this game? The anti-bolsheviks of course: Operation Trust, Qanon, etc. I don’t kno

Every day, a new plague for that little piece of bread.

Certain messenger rna therapies, and vaccines that bind spike proteins to ACE2 have the potential to release a zinc molecule that causes TDP-43 to assume a pathological prion transformation. It's problematic to take a couple hundred million people who might otherwise survive a virus due to genetic biodiversity, and give them all a universal binding receptor that is susceptible to a virus.  Humans usually survive plagues and mass casualties because of genetic biodiversity. I guess good news, if there is any, is that there are some indicators that commercial batches of certain formulations have been found to only contain 50-some percent intact messenger RNA , versus 70-some percent intact messenger RNA in clinical batches. There is a very good chance someone fucked up on handling, transportation, and/or refrigeration and that some people got injected with random lipids and a bunch of defective mRNA. If your immune system does its job, it should hopefully reject any junk messenger RNA

Mandela Effect

So do you remember “Chic - Fil - A,” or “Chick Fil A” ? How about an article that refers to the latter but shows a screen shot of the former? One day it was, and then one day it wasn’t, and that’s just all there was to it.  I remember it as “Chic - Fil - A,” but this video begs to differ: I was always a little “sus” that Chick Fil A and Hobby Lobby would probably, for all their muh based Christian business groveling, somehow manage to be the first merchants in line to deny you service if you don’t have your microchip. 


So yeah, that whole blessed Virgin Mary and candles for the saints thing is Catholicism. I do not practice aniconism per se — new word for me today. But if I want to request intercession I will do so privately, in a manner that is none of your damn business. For home security, I prefer the blessed Glock. He was in possession of a leather bound LDS book with his name on it in gold leaf that looks about as old as he is, so he’s a lifer if he is a Mormon or if that is even his book.  This not the residence of a Mormon. This is the residence of a Catholic. And ah, I see that you packed your book for Mexico but I do not see your secret smile ... ?

Adventures with whoring around in the barrio

Lucky me. I got a date.  We go at it and then after a little while some people are banging on the doors and windows. This bothers him, and he starts looking out the windows. No, he’s not one of those. I hear them too. Crazy doesn’t pound on windows and walls and doors. Crazy is the inability to even do that amount of basic reality testing. So he says his cousins and family live next door and across the street, they’re gang members and the neighbors get angry when he invites guys over. He tells me on one occasion they broke through a window and he once had to fight them off with a crowbar. He adds that he has a perverted cousin who forces entry and tries to watch or participate sometimes. Okay, so you’re an asshole for knowingly inviting people to this environment as you’ve described it. This would be normally time to leave but I don’t like his description of these people. I don’t want to go outside and confront or be confronted by them. He tries reassuring me that he keeps bibles and J

The 12:00 Flasher

I thought I was smart, and then I tried to use fucking appliances in Mexico. Ralph used to call one of his customers " the twelve o' clock flasher"  because he was too dumb to set the clock on his oven or his microwave or whatever. I think I've had a boss or two like that ... in Silicon Valley! I would just shrug at the story. I literally don't have any idea how to set the clock on my oven or microwave. Couple strips of black electrical tape? Boom. Solved.  The house came with an Alexa and a bunch of "smart house" shit that's all still sitting in the box unopened. I was raised on "Nick Danger and the case of the missing Yolk" and that "Smart House" movie with Katy Segal playing the evil Alexa-type figure . The Yolks would try to use the smart home controller to disarm the land mines and open the door for a guest , and get an ice block dropped on their toes... the robot maid vacuumed up their cat, funny shit like that. This movie

You know you want one:

I got a couple extra patches, If I see any servicemen I like on the ferry I'm going to sneak up and velcro one onto their backpack next to their other badges. I have a doctors appointment scheduled tomorrow but I don't want to go. I'm afraid of clowns and everybody knows if you turn around and look back at the city you might turn into a pillar of salt.

Not my circus ... not my monkeys ...

  I poked my head into one of the old gay IRC rooms I've haunted for twenty years or so.  I couldn't take it anymore , it had been an angry four year long "orange man bad" circle jerk and I was sitting in the corner rocking back and forth in my straightjacket mumbling "they're both bad. they're both bad. they're both bad." I'm not going to get into what changed my mind, if you want to go read some gay man's garbage hot take on why the orange man is wrong about something then there literally 8,328,412,892,232 other places on the internet where you can go do that. Could it be , because like. Literally everyone — or, well, a bunch of “conspiracy theorists” knew about this shit and were discussing it for several months before the US government acknowledged it? You’re trying to tell me they didn’t know? *whispers* they’re alllllllllllll in on it. I can't deal with social medias and their "all-or-nothing" lightswitch logic "d

I left the light on for you as long as I could


Don't "trust" anything, read a book.

SARS-CoV-1 had about 35 vaccine candidates, the best four were trialed in ferrets and it looked like it worked well. But when those ferrets were challenged in the wild they got very ill and died. Extremely concerning is that this antibody-dependent amplification, ADE, has long been known from experiments with corona vaccines in cats, for example. In the course of these studies all cats that initially tolerated the vaccination well died after catching the wild virus. The original SARS-CoV, a coronavirus 78% similar to the current SARS-CoV-2 causing COVID-19, caused an epidemic in 2003. Scientists attempted to create a vaccine. Initially it appeared promising, but ultimately it was abandoned because although the mice tolerated the vaccine and produced antibodies, when the mice were exposed to the actual virus in the wild, they died due to what we would think of as sudden severe cytokine storm. A well-documented an